[Guide] How to use .sol domains in the browser

Hey guys its zhvng, the creator of SNS Resolver (SNSR for short, pronounced “sensor”). For those of you who don’t know, SNS Resolver is an open source Chrome extension that lets you navigate to .sol domains in the browser! (try it here)

To access .sol domains in Chrome, install the extension and navigate to a .sol domain. SNS Resolver will automatically redirect you to the IPFS page or website that the domain points to on the Solana Name Service. You can try this out by navigating to bonfida.sol, which redirects to Bonfida’s website on IPFS.

For IPFS redirects, you can select your preferred IPFS gateway by clicking on the extension icon and selecting a gateway from the dropdown menu. The default gateway is dweb.link, which is run by the team behind IPFS.

If you own a .sol domain, setting it up to be resolved by the extension is easy. Just edit the ‘content’ field of the domain to what you want to redirect to. To resolve to an IPFS page, set the field to ‘ipfs={cid}’ where {cid} is your IPFS cid.

There are a couple of things SNS Resolver does to improve user experience. Unlike Metamask’s ENS resolver, you can use a .sol domain like any other domain (no need to type https:// or a trailing slash to get Chrome to recognize it). Also, the extension opens a popup that shows you exactly what you’re redirecting to, which prevents phishing attacks on misspelled names.

Combining SNS Resolver and IPFS allows us to decrease our reliance on centralized domain registrars and DNS services. We are essentially using the Solana blockchain as a name server, eliminating a security risk in pretty much every single dApp right now. If a dApp owns a .sol domain pointing to an IPFS cid, using that .sol domain to access the dApp is more secure than using DNS because any changes to the .sol domain can be easily seen on chain.


Extension: Solana Name Service Resolver - Chrome ウェブストア
Code: GitHub - zhvng/sns-resolver: solana name service resolver (snsr)


This is great! Thanks for building the SNS Resolver and providing detailed explanation on it!

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This is really awesome!

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Thanks for the SNS resolver

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I have a .sol domain. I would like to put a redirect to my site and my wallet address to the content field. How should i write it? What is the format and separator?
I put my address to the content field and install this extension. Now, if i write my .sol domain to the browser bar, it try to resolve my wallet address.

When funds are sent to a .sol they are sent to the owner of the domain so what is contained in the data data does not matter.

Therefore, you can add your IPFS CID in your domain data and you will still be able to receive funds as long as you are the current owner.

Thank you.

But i have a regular site. So, i need a redirect to something like that https://mypage.com/

I just checked at the code of the extension made by @zhvng and it supports:

  • IPFS
  • IP addresses
  • Regular http... links

Nice, thank you. I will try it.

It works :slight_smile: Thank you so much.

Very useful extension. Thank you🖖

Is there a sample .sol IPFS site I can visit?

You can visit bonfida.sol Solana Name Service | Bonfida

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This was awesome!! Answered some questions I didn’t even know I had. It’s now Bookmarked!!