Grants for Contributing Community Members

It’s exciting to see our community members develop on top of the services offered by Bonfida. These contributions are indeed valuable to us and as such we would like to start offering grants to those who significantly contribute to our project. Contributions can be in the form of, but not limited to, developing projects, integrations and/or marketing media.

Essentially, we are open to see what you can do and as long as these are meaningful and beneficial to Bonfida, we are happy to offer you a grant for your work.

We’ve compiled a few resources to facilitate integration:

What is the Solana Name Service?

Solana Name Service Guide

What is Jabber?

Jabber’s Documentation

Mobile app: GitHub - Bonfida/messaging-mobile-app

Smart contract: GitHub - Bonfida/messaging-app

Besides the above resources, we have also summarized a few integration ideas to help you get started. We also encourage you to come up with other innovative solutions that bring value to Bonfida and the Solana ecosystem.

The Solana Name Service:

  • Better CLI to build webapp + deploy + upgrade on-chain records
  • Build a name resolver that resolves to the IPFS/Arweave website hosted on sol_domain.sol
  • Build a browser or browser extension that resolves IPFS contents hosted on a .sol domain natively
  • Build a SNS manager app (similar to ENS manager app)
  • Build a secondary marketplace for trading the Solana Name Service with unsolicited offers
  • Build an analytics dashboard for the Solana Name Service
  • Integrate the .sol domain as the unique username/ID inside the game


  • Build a web UI for Jabber V2
  • Build a new React native app for Jabber V2
  • Integrate Jabber V2 with scanner tools to allow direct communication between any on-chain address
  • Integrate Jabber V2 with GameFi projects to allow direct communication between players inside a game
  • Integrate Jabber V2 with NFT marketplaces to allow direct communication between users and NFT owners

As for anything, there are some criteria that would have to be met in order to be eligible for the grant:

  1. The first step involves you to approach the team with your idea. Think of this as a debriefing session to evaluate the initial idea and to get some guidance from us.

  2. After the debrief, please write a detailed public proposal on our community forum. This will allow fellow community members to participate and contribute to the idea at hand. Please add at minimum the following information:
    a.Clearly define the idea/contribution
    b. Explain how this will benefit Bonfida and the broader community
    c. Include the size of the grant being asked for

  • A rough estimation for grants; ~ 500FIDA for translations/marketing material and up to 25K for significant integrations
  1. This proposal will be left on the community forum for 7 days for three key reasons:
    a. The community to discuss whether this is a valuable idea and allow them to contribute
    b. Discussing whether the grant size is reasonable
    c. Allow the contributor to adjust accordingly

  2. Post this duration, a DAO vote will be set up to approve/deny the idea and the grant asked for.

  3. If the DAO vote is approved, 30 % of the grant will be paid out to the contributor to commence with their project.

  4. Once the project is complete, another DAO vote will begin. This will be to approve whether the member delivered what they outlined in their proposal and to determine if they are therefore eligible for the rest of the grant.

  5. Upon approval of the second DAO vote, the contributor will receive the full grant.

  • Grants < 10K will be fully unlocked and paid in a lump sum
  • Grants > 10K will result in 30% initial distribution, with the rest unlocking linearly starting at 6 months and will take 1 year to fully unlock

Other notes:

For integrations, the relevant code is expected to be open-source to be considered for the grant.

To be eligible for the grant you cannot be a user from the sanctioned geographical areas:

Belarus, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Thailand, the USA, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

To receive the grant you would be required to have a KYC FTX account.

The process has been structured in a way to show our appreciation to the community members that are keen to contribute. Additionally, to have other users involved in the decision making, thus ensuring we select projects/ideas important to all of us. We are excited to see your innovations/creativity. Happy contributing! Feel free to ask any questions.


Great opportunity for expanding the awareness of Bonfida worldwide! Can you please answer my questions, please?

  • Will all grants be paid in $FIDA? If not, what are other supported tokens?
  • Why does the program require a ‘‘KYC verified FTX account’’?
  • In sentence 7, it’s said that ‘’ 3. Upon approval of the second DAO vote, the contributor will receive the full grant.’’. Is it for the remaining 70%? If not, how sentences 5 & 7 will be aligned?
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To answer your questions:

  1. The grant will be paid in $FIDA

  2. This is to ensure that contributing community members are not from sanctioned geographical areas

  3. Yes, so this will be the remaining 70% - however, if the grant is > 10K USD worth of $FIDA (the total grant), 30% of that 70% will be paid out initially with the rest starting to unlock linearly after 6 months

Hope that helps.

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