Front page stats are way off

I have been watching the front page stats for the last couple months and they seem way off. Sometimes more off than others. But now it’s gotten kinda crazy.
Seems like it’s missing 90 percent of the domains sold in the last 24 hours.

I just worry it looks really bad to new users than will just not bother if they think the whole system is doing $500 per day with 38 domains and max sale is $35. Which is not correct at all.

Do you have a tx that would contradict these stats?

I don’t think they are off, most of the auctions lately have been secondary auctions on which nobody bided and auctions that end with no bid are not taken into account in these stats. Also the stats are cached server side with a TTL of 60 minutes.

We are super early :stuck_out_tongue:

:joy: :joy: :joy:

This is gonna be a long road and will require a ton of marketing, rooting for your success @bonfida

I trade on the site all day. I saw hundreds of domains sell yesterday. I sold multiple domains for over $25. And I did send links through discord several times over the last 6 weeks including today.

There is one that sold for way over $25 yesterday

Today ^^ for $179. Just that one alone.
I have seen 20-30 sell in under 2 hours many times. All day.

I would say about 300-400 sold in the last 24 hours. Most of the transaction are not showing in the stats at all.

If you look here and search by “Has Offers” you can see 10-20 domains per hour selling.

@Yoyodyne Thanks for posting the domain, it helped found were the issue was coming from! The DB should have caught up now.

Thanks for raising this! :pray:

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Glad I could help! Thanks for fixing!

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Looks like stats are off again. Average price is $224 while ceiling is only $67.

Also - would be great to have a stat below Domains Auctioned that shows “Domains Registered”.
Would be a huge boost to numbers.

It’s because direct registrations were taken into account in the average price. Changed it to make it auction only