Fee policy in Bonfida

I saw fee policy in Bonfida as below

And I also saw fee policy in Serum as below

When I trades taker in Bonfida with no SRM, then should I pay 22bps + 4bps as fee?

And I want to see how this is implemented in code-level. Where can I see those codes?

Serum recently updated its fees and our documentation has not been updated accordingly. Thanks for catching this!

The correct fee schedule is the latter.

According to Bonfida white paper, there are some fees for using its UI. How much it is and where can I see those codes for it? Is the code private?

The white paper refers to the fee split that Serum does with the UIs. It’s simply a portion of Serum fees that goes to the UI on which the trade was executed on. You can check the Serum code on github there is a referrer account in the SettleFunds instruction for the v3 and in NewOrder instruction for the v4