Ethereum market places


If I understand correctly, domain names will be tokenisable. Will it be possible to list them on ethereum marketplaces like Rarible, Super Rare and OpenSea?

Thank you

The tokenized domains will be able to be traded on marketplaces that use the solana network, the dominant marketplace in solana is MagicEden, there are rumors that Opensea will be supporting the solana network, if this turns out to be true then the tokenized domains would be traded in opensea in theory. Also there is a possibility that in the future some solana NFTs can be “bidged”, that would open the possibility to list them on Ethereum marketplaces.

@jose is right, the goal of tokenization is to allow domain names to be traded on Solana market places.

:warning: Wormhole does allow to bridge Solana NFTs to ETH but I strongly don’t recommend it. You will loose all the benefit of holding the NFT (funds transfers etc)


Sooo cool! My first wrap. Slope wallet is so fast too.

Coinbase also could have Solana domains listed… in time. They just launched Solana Ecosystem support.

Thank you.

@Yoyodyne What do you think of Slope compard to Solflare?

Actually haven’t used Solflare yet. And I have only used Slope for a matter of hours so can’t say yet from experience but from what I read on twitter: Slope is faster than Phantom. Also it still has auto-approve which is great for experienced users.

@Yoyodyne Thanks mate! Trying to scale up my domain resell game, need to learn from the master :crazy_face:

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Your welcome ser!

If you do use Slope be aware that “auto-approve” can be dangerous if used for other sites. That is why Phantom removed it. But if you start getting a lot of domains it is very helpful for saving time and sanity.

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