ENS Vision for SNS!

I think that ENS vision has been a big part of the driving force behind the ENS surge over the last 2 months because it quantifies the rarity of each subgroup of domains. By creating “Clubs” anyone can determine what names are still available to mint from each club, or if there are none, they can search domains by “type” or “class” in a way that creates value and scarcity.

I think it should be a high priority to get a similar service for SNS either running directly from Bonifda or as a 3rd party app.

This would be huge. Mainstream users and investors would be able to see rarity of domain classes in a way that is not possible at the moment. It creates excitement around “minting out” of a class of names as well as a better perception of “collectability” and “rarity”. It makes things way more fun and organized!

This should be the next goal!

– edit – two of these posts just got approved at same time regarding “SNS Vision” :slight_smile:


This is a great idea…

Web2 domain name services have been doing this for decades with 3rd party entities and (public/private) online auction events, and it works!