During the process of converting these domain names to nft, I encountered the ""You domain contains non verified unicodes-wrapping is disabled"" prompt, please official help to solve the error prompt

I have purchased a lot of domain names, but they are all distributed to various addresses. At present, these are the problems

Please help to solve it as soon as possible, thank you

Hey @975e2e70ac03416d !

Domain names that contain unicodes that are not marked as verified cannot be wrapped at the moment.

The reason is that NFT market places do not have a good support for unicodes and we want to prevent people from buying “fake” domain names e.g domain names containing zero width joiners etc…

We are working with NFT market places to enable this feature as soon as they are ready but no ETA on it at the moment.

But the purpose of my posting this post is to get the official certification, or to speed up the progress. Because I know that the official has certified a lot of icons

I don’t want to put all my domain names into one account, but the total number I own has exceeded 3 digits, please don’t discriminate in this regard

Any way we can do all Chinese Characters? Create a catchall to verify them all. I don’t think any of those can currently be used for “dupes”. I have never seen one.

If not then maybe we can start a manual verify for Chinese domains on a case by case.

I only have about 6 to 8 names I think right now.

The technology of the bonfida team is breathtaking. These domain name issues, I think it’s very easy to solve, as to why it’s so delayed. So I just want justice now

I totally understand your frustration here.

The reason it’s blocked at the moment is because NFT market places do not have a good support for domain names that contain unicodes. Our priority is to guarantee that people do not get scammed on NFT market places because they did not display accurate information about the domain.

This might take sometime for NFT market places to have a good support for it but we are working with them to make sure it happens. We are also working on a complete rebuild of the naming service website that will include a tool to inspect domain names so people can easily verify the domain name that they see on NFT market places. Ideally NFT market places could add a button on their end that will automatically direct the user to the inspection page.

I also want to emphasise that it will be supported in the medium term but we want to guarantee it happens in the best conditions possible for the community

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Thank you to the official staff for such sincere expression. However, since some customers are in a hurry, they can manually add the certification. This is very easy to check, although it is a bit troublesome.

Thanks again for the sincere expression of the official staff