Domain owned by root-tld

I registered a domain and tried to bid on it. I got a success message, but the domain has since been showing as “Unavailable” and “owned by root-tld”. I’m not the owner – is there a way to free it up?


The root TLD is simply the escrow for domains that need to be claimed. Once you have won the auction go to the domain page, connect your wallet and claim the domain name

I have the same issue, but once i visit the domain, theres no button to claim it!!

You need to be connected with the wallet you placed the bid with in order to claim the domain

I am connected!! i have been trying for 3hrs now, just help me get this done
76jKqiN4rGUCGrCbzpNfTS6y9cBCow4TR4MC32L7eYLj —> my wallet address

domain is tris.sol

when i search for the domain it says available and expires never…weird right? if i wait for sometime it says unavailable and owner as root-tld