Create ability to bid on multiple items with the same funds

Is there a technical way to allow bidders to make offers on multiple items with the same funds? Let’s say bid on 10 domains for 10 FIDA each but only have 10 FIDA in their wallet. So that when one of those offers is accepted the other 9 offers cancel immediately or are greyed out until more funds are added to the wallet.

Opensea does this with WETH correct?

This would make people’s bidding power greatly amplified

Do you have stats about the usage of this feature? I feel like this makes it very easy for people to spam with fake offers and can degrade the sellers experience. I think it’s better to have a few real bids that the sellers can hit than a lot of inactive ones.

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I just also saw that Magic Eden also now uses this option. They have an “escrow account” that holds X amount so you can create as many bids as you like. Login to ME and try it out. I think you have to select ME v2 feature on the offers screen. The user can chose regular offers (ME) or “escrow” (MEv2) for multiple bids with same funds.

I don’t have any stats but I can look around. I know it was popular enough for it to be on both OS and ME.

I think the general idea is that most people do not like to make offers on items because the person who owns the item may take days or weeks to see the offer. Or never. And that means the funds are tied up for long periods. People with smaller budgets get quicker use of their funds with escrow.
Magic Eden help file regarding offers ^