Consume Event rewards

Is there a rewards for consuming event?

I assume you are referring to consume events in the AOB or DEX v4. There is no cranking rewards for these instructions

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Then why people cranking events? I observed that specific 1~2 accounts continuously cranking my events(I checked it in my transactions related with my open orders account). And sometimes, they seems to be rewarded by cranking. You can see it in below transcation

People crank because otherwise the protocol would not be usable.

In the transaction you sent the SOL transfer is not made by the Serum smart contract. Also when you look at the details it’s the cranker (FJwFtQFEyKEA4M6ZTrosTRPJphEpDA9ckUeMq9pRJdd4) that sent SOL to himself. I don’t know what happened here but it’s not a cranker reward

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