Clarification on unsolicited offers

First off, wow this is an amazing update I wasn’t expecting! Kudos to Bonfida for making constant improvements and especially this one which is BIG!

I just wanted to confirm exactly how the unsolicited offers part works.
Is it that users funds are transferred into an escrow account while the offer is pending?
e.g. Let’s say I have 1000 FIDA, I see three names which I’d like to bid on. In this case I’m thinking it wouldn’t be possible to bid on all three for 1000 at the same time, I’d have to either choose one or bid less on each one?
And if so, then am I correct to assume that the offer can be cancelable to get funds back?
And then does the 5% fee only apply if a user accepts the offer, so if I cancel I don’t pay a fee or otherwise?

Regardless, I’m super excited I think this will be really big for adoption and we may soon start seeing more attention and eventually more people showing more use-cases for the names, IMO :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the kind words. That’s correct when you create an unsolicited offer the funds are moved to an escrow wallet. Without moving the funds to an escrow wallet it would not be possible for the domain owner to accept the offer immediately.

You can cancel the unsolicited offer anytime you want to get your funds back and no fee is charged when cancelling an unsolicited offer.

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