Capital/undercase letter issue while sending between wallets

I have come across an issue that I think should be looked at and fixed. You are only allowed to register a name with undercase letters but if you capitalize a letter when you try and send to that .sol address, it says “wallet is unregistered.”

Specific example: My 0xcy.sol is registered and I use it frequently for giveaways and sending between wallets. I have the same ENS name which I write out as 0xCY.eth so typically I write out 0xCY.sol. But if I try and send to 0xCY.sol it is unregistered (0xcy.sol works fine).

Since it is impossible for someone to have the same combination of these 4 characters 0xcy - I should be able to write it in all caps, or 1 letter cap etc. Is there a way to address and fix this issue?

This is more UX issue that is on the wallet side. There is not much we can do on our end except telling the wallet to catch this (which we already did)

The reason behind this is that uppercase letters don’t have the same UTF-8 encoding as their lowercase variants therefore the hash and the public key of the domain are different.