Cant see my sub-domain on solscan

Noob question.
I set up a sub-domain successfully.
When I search my wallet address on solscan or solana explorer the main domain shows in the “domains” tab.
But the sub-domain does not show at all.
Why is that?

As far as I know explorers do not support subdomains by default. However, it’s totally possible technically, they would have to do it in two steps:

  1. Resolve the list of domain names owned by a user
  2. Iterate over the list of domains and do a getProgramAccounts RPC request with the following memcmp filter
  const filter: MemcmpFilter[] = [
      memcmp: {
        offset: 0,
        bytes: parentNameKey.toBase58(),

Thanks for the reply.
I presume that the Bonfida team would be in contact with teams such as solscan. Could you suggest to them to include sub-domain searchability?

Yes we do but it’s always a good thing when users report the feedback as well, it shows them that there is a real demand for this feature :slight_smile: