Can't Locate My Domains

5 days ago I entered auctions to purchase 5 available domains. Transactions in my Phantom wallet are all successful. How do I claim the domains? When I search them individually they now say unavailable and list the owner as root-tld. When I click my domains, none are listed. When I search the dropdown “all bids”, “winning”, and “claim” no domains are shown. Can anyone please help? Thanks!

Are you sure you are connected with the right wallet? Do you have a tx id?

Yes, and I can see the transactions in my wallet as succesful. Is it possible you only create an initial transaction to start the auction, then you additionally need to bid? I dont understand. When I go to the domain, it says unavailable and when in the domain page it says “There was no bid auction” and a button to restart the auction.

Yes, you need to place a bid after creating the auction. In your case, you can simply restart the auction and place a bid on it.