Cannot manage my domain

@bonafide - Do we have an update on this?

@bonfida just trying again here to get help.
I won and claimed my domain, jHutch.sol, over three weeks ago.
It shows up under “My Domains” in my account.
But when I go to “manage it,” I cannot access it.
I’m using Chrome as a browser (version 97.0.4692.71) and Phantom as a wallet.
This is what it looks like when my wallet is signed out:

Then when I log into my Phantom wallet, it goes to the “auction ended” screen showing me that my bid was the top bid but I can’t go further.

My address is: 2se3VZusGiEUvSLjqooUM9vKGKKpBK8vDEoGiLe8bwqr

Can you please help?

I think I found the origin of the UI bug, can you try on this link Solana Name Service | Bonfida and let me know if that works?

Thanks a lot @drnn for helping me find the origin of the UI bug by DMs. The main UI should be good now

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Thanks for Bonfida’s great support. The problem is fixed!

Did you solve this? If not, can you post the URL bar from the browser?

Like this:

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 1.29.52 AM

The owner of x.sol is a different wallet. You may have bought a different domain, eg. with variant selectors.

Yeah the x.sol was a Cyrillic X. I talked to him in another thread and he is all good.

awesome!.. thank you!

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