Bulk Claim Feature

Would it be possible to add a bulk “Claim” feature? Either a check box for each domain on the “Claim” page so that one can mark off all the domains to be claimed at once. Or, a button at the top that claims ALL the domains on the page.

For those with many names, and auctions that expire frequently, it would be an amazing feature that would save a lot of time.

I assume there could be an issue with approving multiple transactions in bulk like this.
Maybe it could be for 5 or 10 at a time of so.

That should be doable, however there are few points to clarify:

  • For domains that have never been registered before the user will have to choose the domain size. What UX would make sense to handle this in bulk? Maybe just exclude these domains from the bulk claim?

  • It’s not possible to claim several domains in 1 tx as this would exceed tx size limits. So the user would have to sign all the tx (it’s fine with auto approve) and tx would be sent separately

  • I was thinking for this feature to only include domains that have expired as auctions. As that is most tedious to have to re-claim every domain you are reselling over and over.

  • I had auto approve in mind for this set of transactions as there could be 5, 10, or 100. Not sure if there should be a maximum maybe per set. Like 30 or 50.

Would be so very very helpful. And should increase the number or resells running at any given time thereby increasing engagement and sales. And increasing sanity - hah!

Any word on this one?

Yes, we will add a bulk claim feature

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@Yoyodyne I added the feature in beta mode. To see it you will need to do:

  • Right click
  • Inspect
  • Go to the console tab
  • Type localStorage.setItem("showBeta", true) and press Enter
  • Reload the page

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Great! I’ll give it a go! Thanks!

Will it just skip domains that have been won and need to have storage assigned?

Yes, these domains are skipped

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Works perfectly! Thanks! Hope others enjoy the new feature as well.

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This has been added for everyone!


Can you believe Phantom removed the auto-approve function making all our lives a hell… lol.

Everyone please tweet at Phantom Wallet to complain so we don’t have to spend 10 extra hours per week clicking “approve”.

its terrible. so terrrible that I expect this to be a hige oppportunity for another wallet provider to gain users by just having auto approve. perhaps nitrogen the wallet made by oxygen people.

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A bit late but only now found time - I have a problem with bulk claim button and was advised to post here and maybe I could provide some data so that I could help understand the issue and it could be solved - I can’t bulk claim on my wallet (I don’t know how it would work on other addresses but I only have one) where I have a lot of domains to claim (maybe ~100).
I’ve tried different browsers, wallets, VPN, no VPN, etc., and nothing helped, the domains do not get bulk claim :frowning:

It does function - as I do use it regularly. Do you have a wallet with auto-approve like Slope? Does the button not do anything at all? Not even one transaction window pops up?

Thanks for your concern. I know it works for others.
I do use phantom wallet and I’ve also tested solflare wallet. Slope I can test, but I doubt it will solve the problem.
The button only triggers a down left corner notification that “Claimed all available domains”.

That does sound weird. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with it. Let’s wait to see what Bonfida says. They should be able to help troubleshoot it.

Yes, I know it’s unusual. My top guess is that it’s due to high number of domains to claim.

Yoyodyne: Will it just skip domains that have been won and need to have storage assigned?

@bonfida: Yes, these domains are skipped

Is there a way to efficiently claim a large number of domains that have not yet had storage assigned?

@testo Are you sure the domains you are trying to reclaim already have storage allocated? The total number of domains should not matter here.

@solszn Not at the moment but that something we can add to the v2 of the website we are working on. This would require the user to select the same storage for all the domains he is trying to claim, which can be a bit risky because at the moment the Solana runtime does not allow account resizing after their initialization.