Bug : Order Book Settle Balance Appearing Time Issue

Issue found
When I buy Sol/usdc and my order is filled it take too long to appear SOL in unsettle balance ( approximately 5-10 minutes ) same error is for sell side after Selling Sol/usdc it take too long to appear Usdc in unsettle balance before this degraded service it was instant
This delay is happening only in limit orders when these orders get filled, but in balances section it still shows that it is order ( even from order section and from order book my order is filled and disappeared ) I have checked it multiple times and reporting correctly, I am using heavily Solana dexes since last year
After canceling order both buy or Sell balance appears within 30 seconds in unsettle section which is fine
After market buying or Selling balance appears within 30 seconds in unsettle section which is fine

Open order accounts can take time to be retrieved via RPC calls. It’s using a getProgramAccount RPC call which is quite expensive. It’s a Serum design issue. Also there is some caching on this endpoint.

The next version of Serum is using program derived addresses (PDAs) for open order accounts to make this faster to retrieve them GitHub - Bonfida/dex-v4

Note that you can use your own personal RPC endpoint Custom RPC node - Community Help Center

So what is the solution for this now, because this delay is happening after last degraded service of Solana Network before that this was instant, please let me know some solution, I am not a developer and can not use custom rcp.
And please read my above statement fully, So you can get to the problem, delay is only happening with limit orders.
I have talked in Solana discord and they are asking that I should ask bonfida may UI problem they mentiond.

Unsettled funds will always appear faster for market orders because you don’t need a crank tx to credit the coins to your open order accounts. This has always been the case.

On my end I don’t notice anything particularly abnormal regarding unsettled funds. This can take a bit of time if the network is under heavy load but nothing unusual.

Actually I really confused now, this issue started after when Solana Network went down and came back online. Before that every thing was instant and fine. Either you trade a market order or limit order is filled in order book every balance appears immediately but now when limit order is filled in order book and bought or sold Sol it takes 5 to 10 minutes to appear balance in unsettled balance section and this delay is extremely high If you don’t mind please check this once for me, If possible place a buy order of 1 Sol few pips below current price and wait for the order to filled, when it is filled check the time and count how many minutes it takes to appear in unsettled balance section please. I will be very thank full to you.