Bonfida Grant : Notifi - Get SMS and Email Alerts for SNS Auctions!

Clearly define the idea/contribution
We want to provide auction buyers the ability to sign up for auction alerts:

  • when an auction is about to end
  • new bids on an auction
  • when you are outbid on the auction

These alerts will be able to delivered via:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Telegram DM
  • Twitter DM

Explain how this will benefit Bonfida and the broader community

  • Users will be able to stay up to date and never miss out on auctions to bid on.
  • Sellers will be able to get more competitive buyers’ reach and visibility of the sale.

Include the size of the grant being asked for

20k in FIDA for marketing material + engineering implementation + costs of messaging (free to the community)


heres a quick demo!

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this is great, thankyou!

hi all,

The vote is live!