Bonfida Grant: Matrica Labs

Matrica Labs Bonfida Proposal

Clearly define the idea/contribution:

  • List item

Creation of a bot that will designate Discord roles to users based on their .sol domain holdings

Explain how this will benefit Bonfida and the broader community

  • This will enable Bonfida community members to be assigned roles based on their SOL domain holdings leading to enhanced user clarity
    • The issuance of Solana domain roles can foster a greater sense of community within the Solana ecosystem at large
    • Will decrease barriers as they currently stand to knowing and tracking one’s .sol holdings
    • Allows ability to create gated channels for .sol domain holders

Include the size of the grant being asked for

  • We are requesting 20k $FIDA

That’s great, wish you luck with your grant voting.
We really need this feature in our community.