Bonfida grant application —— 4EVERLAND

a. Clearly define the idea/contribution

To start with a quick introduction, 4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing, and network core capabilities. It aims to help users to make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, and becomes the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers and applications. We plan to help users simplify the IPFS deployment and seamlessly point your websites or app to a .sol domain name.

4EVERLAND plans to integrate SNS to provide users with one-stop SNS+IPFS Website hosting services.

1. Login with Phantom
To better enable 4EVERLAND availability for Solana Eco, 4EVERLAND will support Phantom wallet login to bring all users in SNS build their DWeb in a friendly way.

2. Basic Integration
4EVERLAND will support users to deploy their own websites on IPFS with one click and host the website using their own SNS.

3. IPNS (InterPlanetary Name System)
4EVELAND will develop the IPNS standard based on DWeb deployment of bound SNS which implemented dynamic update of DWebs CID in SNS.

4. SNS Dedicated Gateway
4EVERLAND will build and maintain a dedicated gateway “” to resolve SNS. As we know, .sol is not a registered DNS top-level domain and is not accessible from DNS. However, by appending to the .sol domain, the content hosted in the domain can be resolved and accessed by DNS.

b. Explain how this will benefit Bonfida and the broader community

We think that the Solana Name Service, as an important pillar of web3, should fully realize its potential. One important function of a .sol domain name is to launch censorship resistant decentralized websites and make it accessible from your SNS name. Now we are here, trying to be the first project in the Solana ecosystem to help achieve this goal. The platform that we are building have the following benefits:

1. One-Stop service
SNS users can directly login to 4EVERLAND through Phantom wallet to deploy their website in IPFS while binding SNS and getting their own exclusive DWeb domain name without any plug-in support.

2. Free to use
4EVERLAND provides each SNS user 100GB bandwidth, 4GB storage and 250 build minutes to start the deployment on IPFS.

3. Efficiecy
With IPNS address provided by 4EVERLAND, SNS users can implement dynamic updates of IPFS hash. With the Deploy Hooks function, 4EVERLAND enables SNS users to auto update DWeb hosted via SNS only by needing to update the authorized repo code in Githubs.

This will significantly improve the dev efficiency.

4. Accessibility
4EVERLAND resolves CID within SNS to gateway. You can append to the end of your SNS to access your DWeb through any browser.

For example, you own alice.sol, and you set up CID in your SNS, you can directly access it via on your google chrome.

If you deploy your own DWeb through 4EVERLAND, you will get the global acceleration access service provided solely by 4EVERLAND. However, if you associate your CID with your SNS through other platforms, you can append your SNS to, but you will use the IPFS public gateway “”, which may be slow when loading.

c. Include the size of the grant being asked for

Over the past months, we have built the platform for IPFS deployment and successfully integrated the Solana Name Service. We will complete the integration of phantom wallet no later than two weeks for the final product launching. We believe that the successful integration of phantom wallet will mark our expansion into the Solana ecosystem. By supporting the hosting via SNS, we hope to help developers in the Solana ecosystem take full advantage of a decentralized domain name and realize the full potential of web3.

Given all the dev work, time and resources we have allocated for this project, we are asking for a grant size of 25K $FIDA. Because we acquired the DNS and intend to provide the gateway service for the long term, we need the grant to support our ongoing labor and maintenance costs, in order to provide the best user experience for the Solana ecosystem.


:white_check_mark:We have completed the integration of Phantom wallet. You can connect your Phantom wallet to log in to 4EVERLAND.


Awesome, that’s great to know! Good luck with your grant application!


Cool thing! I really enjoy your platform, it saves me a lot of time. Good to see you guys here.

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Previously I hosted my pet project on 4EVERLAND’s platform, which was efficient and easy to use, so I’m happy to see you here guys, good luck with a grant application!

Good move, thank you for support Phantom.

Your project looks great, I will definitely have a try.

Awesome! This integration enables SNS users quickly deploy an IPFS site for themselves. Good job!

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This feature is essential, nice one.

This is great, 4everland’s frontend deployment service works great, I can finally bind my sol domain to my blog. And ‘’ will bring stronger application scenarios for SNS, just like ‘’.

its a yes from me sers

Where can I vote for this project. I need a link

A big YES from me ser

hey all,

Here is the link to vote!