Bonfida API Access

Hello Bonfida, How can I ask for API permission for serum dex ui? Thank you!

Hey @prazovic ! We do not provide access to this API anymore because we are looking to deprecate it in the coming months. If you have questions about how you could set up your own infrastructure happy to help

Thank you for your response, could you please tell me where and how I can get help for set up my own dex?

You will need a few things to get this up:

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Apart from the items listed, is there a way for us to historically record the old data? Additionally, is there a way to record the accounts involved as well?

@nicholas There is no way to access historical Solana accounts data AFAIK. I am happy to send you a JSON with the values we have for the markets we are fetching data for if it can be helpful.

If you want to records the accounts involved (bids slab, asks slab and event queue) you can do it either by pulling with getAccountInfo or with pub/sub accountSubscribe JSON RPC API | Solana Docs