Bonfda Grant Application - Build a web UI for Jabber V2

Hi Bonfidiens,

I read the forum post about the Bonfida grant and I saw that a web UI design for the Bonfida Jabber messaging service was needed for the project. Right away, I got the vision of how it could look. I think the Jabber app integrated as a web messaging service could be a game changer knowing the big amount of people who likes better to use their computer for crypto related things vs their mobile phone.

The tech needs to be great and Bonfida’s developer do an amazing job at it. My role with this design will be to give the amazing tech of the Jabber vision a beautiful “Store Front”. A reason to stay inside the store and enjoy the products! Basically, to compete with the user-friendliness of popular messaging services.

I will be designing the web design for Jabber on Adobe XD. All features from the current app will of course be intergraded in the web design I will create. I’ll also be thinking of my own ideas that can later be voted by the Bonfida DAO.

My main focus will be to design something beautiful to the eyes and easy to navigate.

The grant I’m asking for is 4k of $FIDA. I’m planning on staking these FIDAs for the next 3 years & be part of the DAO to help this project grow and have a significant impact on the Solana Blockchain and for the crypto mass adoption.

Thank you,


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Excellent concept and insight. I like it!!!