Bonafida prompted 4 transactions via phatom for one domain name. All transactions passed but did not get domain

Bonafida prompted 4 transactions via phantom for 1 domain. I approved all of them. On success i received nothing back.

Following are the transactions:

  1. First Transaction

  2. [Second Transaction]

Unable to put 3 and 4th below due to limit

I don’t see any name service tx on your account Explorer | Solana

Can you try buying the domain you want using FIDA directly instead of swapping?

That is resulting in the following error Error registering domain - [object Object].

Doing another transaction seems risky, I lost RAY tokens in the process of doing this.

Any idea where my RAY tokens went ? Is there anyway I can get them back ?.

Buying domain names with non FIDA tokens works by doing a token swap in the background. The swap is made using Jupiter swap.

The Jupiter swap can have up to 3 tx (set up, swap and clean up) and the name service registration only has 1 tx. You RAY tokens are not lost, they just have been swapped for FIDA tokens (cf the tx you posted). Try registering using FIDA directly.

Tried again. Getting this error Error registering domain - [object Object] .

Can you do right click + inspect and send me what’s in your console logs?

Following are the series of events.

Again its asking me to approve 2 transactions for one domain!. Not sure why. Finally resulting in an error.

Looking at the error message it seems like a Phantom error. Can you try with another wallet (e.g Sollet) or reach out to Phantom directly?

Reaching out to Phantom. Will keep you posted.

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Any updates on this?

My issue got resolved. I did not have SOL balance todo the transaction.