Application for certified seller

Good day. I submitted my application a few days ago and it is no longer pending. Can you please provide an update? 5nsavEMHFHXHkxmZBzHkP4dX3FB3K7jhkqMPYPKCs9eV. On Twitter @GotSOLANA. I’m releasing a Solana payment app shortly and merchants would greatly benefit from owing their own domains.

Thank you for the consideration.


hey @GotSOL

could you please kindly provide your seller profile?

gm. Could you please confirm receipt and if anything else is required on my end? I’m attempting to roll out the project in conjunction with DeGod community builders.

hey @GotSOL

looks like you haven’t linked your twitter account to your sol address.

please read the requirements carefully and follow the steps, in order to get verified

You are absolutely correct. I completely overlooked that requirement. I will resolve within a few hours and advise upon completion. Thank you and I apologize for the oversight on my end.

Good day. I was able to claim my Twitter handle. However, it was brought to my attention that a Phantom wallet can not be used to claim the Twitter handle. I had to connect a Ledger to a slope account in order to do so. Will I need to move all the domains over to new wallet or does that not matter. Please advise as I would like to resolve this ASAP.

Currently Phantom doesn’t support Twitter registration, and the Phantom team is working on resolving it. You don’t necessarily need to transfer all your domains to a new wallet address. You can just log into the same address via a wallet other than Phantom, i.e Slope.

gm. I spent several hours yesterday attempting to link the account to Twitter. First, I had to “remove” the account that was tied to it. Now I’m unable to add a new one. I tried your recommendations for the Slope wallet. Have you heard about a delay or lag time once an account was “unlinked”?

Cynthia, here’s the latest. Spent another FULL day attempting to link the account. I was able to do it with other accounts but not this particular one. It’s only a guess, but I tried it with another account. I linked TheRemedy .sol my @TheRemedyVI Twitter worked fine. But once I removed a previous account from @GotSOLANA, no domains are accepted to it. Every time it’s returned as a failed transaction. Please provide an alternate solution or work around. Once this is established, am I able to transfer the domain to a wallet secured by a Ledger? If so, will still be linked and labeled as a certified seller? Thank you for the assistance. I assure you, I’m just as frustrated as you are with me lol

hi @GotSOL

Apologize for the late reply.

Could you please contact our CS support and they will help you with your issues. You can join our tg group here