An idea for forever lost domains

Ok, the approach that @selene bring up for domains that are forever lost because wallets holding are lost forever was controvertial but i think i have a good solution for it.

My idea: any domain that is of interest can have unsolicited offers (that is already implemented), but if a domain is orphaned (in a forever lost wallet) then the unsolicited offers could be executed with some conditions:

  • The offer must be matching at least the top 10 potential sale (that would be $5000 at the current top 10), this would avoid spam offers.
  • There must be an option to reject the offer, that would gave the chance to the owner of the supposed lost domain the chance to keep the domain.
  • There would be a redemption period, again to gave time to the owner.
  • If the offer passes the redemption period, the sale is processed.
  • If there are more than one offer for the same domain the major one is the winner.
  • A punishment fee is debited from the rejected offers and delivered to the owner of the domain, that way malintentionated offers are disincentivized.
  • If the owner has a twitter account associated then an agent must try to contact them to deliver a notice.

Also bonfida could show a list of top offers to let the users know what domains are targeted and there could be bounty hunters that search wallet owners to alert them possibly getting a reward from the punishment fee.

What a stupid idea.

The trade has been completed.

No domain name should be treated this way.

You are new here, i was talking about the topic that @selene bring up earlier, i just had that idea to solve it, if you don’t like it is ok, may be another solution can be implemented.