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Apply here to become a Verified Seller on the Solana Name Service


should we paste here our domain name that is on sale?

Would love to be one of the first!

Glad to see this new feature! Very good work!


Hoping to become a Verified Seller!

You have both been verified!


i think i got this right?

Thank you! I really appreciate it

Hi Bonfida admin,

I would like to apply for the verification of becoming a Certified Seller.

Thank you🖖

@bsd & @Roshan you guys have been verified!

@Awihideung that is not your seller profile. Please see the instructions below:

@feyruz yes, that is correct. However, you do not have at least 10 domains. Please refer to the guide posted above for the eligibility criteria.


You need to have at least 10 domains. Please have a look at the guide above.

@selene @bonfida thank you for processing my application, appreciate it. Looks nice!

Wondered if we could have a field for email and/or Twitter on the seller’s profile to facilitate smooth negotiations and agreement before settlement via the naming service website?

Here is my seller profile!

Please can I be a verified seller?

you need to have at least 10 domains to be eligible for a verified seller

I do! I have 9 not on market, and 4 currently being resold.

Thanks for reaching out!

Noticed that you haven’t registered your Twitter account yet, which is part of the criteria. Could you please do that?

hi everyone! please verify me