A direct registration system for the solana name service is now live

Hi Everyone!

This is Cyn from Bonfida. Hope you are doing all well!

Bonfida’s first DAO vote took place on the 17th of January 2022, where community members had the opportunity to vote to end the auction system adopted by Solana Name Service (SNS). Less than 20 hours later, the proposal was approved by users casting their votes in gFIDA tokens.


Therefore, the Solana Name Service now has a direct registration system.

The once-off charges for immediate registration are as follows:

  • 1 character .sol names: $750 USD worth of $FIDA
  • 2 character .sol names: $700 USD worth of $FIDA
  • 3 character .sol names: $640 USD worth of $FIDA
  • 4 character .sol names: $160 USD worth of $FIDA
  • 5+ character .sol names: $20 USD worth of $FIDA

For more information, please visit

Register your domain names

Last but not least, thanks everyone for your ongoing support!


Looks good!

Added benefit for early supporters of SNS that already own 1-3 letter domains, emojis, or unicode = our domains are now worth wayyyy more. Kind of like an airdrop :slight_smile: .